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A New Look for Flawed Teeth

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You do your best to care for your smile and keep it beautiful and clean. However, all the good habits in the world may not be able to fix certain aesthetic flaws, such as that tiny gap between a couple of your teeth or the little chip out of one of your front teeth. The team at New Haven Dental Group in Woodbridge can help you correct such flaws with one of our cosmetic services. Direct bonding is a popular treatment that can quickly fix a number of unsightly imperfections. To learn more about this service, read the information below.

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group for Direct Bonding?

What Is Direct Bonding?

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As the name of the procedure implies, direct bonding involves applying a substance directly to the surface of the teeth. The substance is a tooth-colored resin — the same material that we use for tooth-colored fillings.  When the resin hardens, it looks almost indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel.

We shape the resin in a way that allows it to disguise a tooth’s flaws. For example, it can make things like discoloration, cracks and chips, and small gaps between the teeth disappear. This treatment is a popular alternative to porcelain veneers.

How Does Direct Bonding Work?

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The direct bonding process is fairly quick. it usually takes less than an hour, depending on how many teeth we are treating. It is also quite comfortable; we seldom have to use any form of anesthesia when we are performing it.

We begin the treatment by slightly roughening the tooth’s surface with a mild acidic solution. Then, we use a conditioning liquid that will help the resin adhere to the enamel. Next, we apply the resin, which we will ensure is shade-matched to complement the surrounding dentition. We mold the resin into the desired shape, and then a special light hardens it in mere seconds. Finally, we trim the resin and polish it until we achieve the desired look.

Benefits of Direct Bonding

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Some of direct bonding’s benefits include:

Is Direct Bonding Right for Me?

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Direct bonding may be ideal for you if you have just one or two teeth whose appearance you would like to improve. It is also a great solution for many patients who are concerned about the cost of cosmetic dentistry. However, you might opt for porcelain veneers instead if you want a total smile transformation, or if you would like your results to be more permanent in nature.

We would be happy to help you decide which treatments are best for improving the look of your teeth. Contact New Haven Dental Group today to schedule your cosmetic consultation.

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