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Root Canal Therapy – Woodbridge, CT

Save a Damaged Tooth from Extraction

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When a tooth develops an infection in its sensitive innermost layer (called the dental pulp), you may experience a severe, throbbing toothache. In the past, teeth with this kind of damage would simply be removed, but thanks to root canal therapy in Woodbridge, CT, the team at New Haven Dental Group may be able to save even the most damaged teeth and help them regain their function and appearance. Our modern techniques and technology enable us to perform this procedure in a way that is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group for Root Canals?

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

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If, after an examination, we determine that you are in need of root canal therapy, our team will numb your tooth, remove all of the infected tissue, and then rebuild the tooth with a restoration. Most patients say the procedure feels like getting a small filling. After you heal from your procedure, your toothache should be completely gone.

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