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Tooth-Colored Fillings – Woodbridge, CT

Beautiful, Seamless Cavity Repair

Couple with beautiful teeth thanks to tooth-colored fillings in Woodbridge

Silver amalgam fillings have helped generations of patients to preserve their oral health. However, they come with some significant downsides, not the least of which is their dark color, which clashes with the enamel that surrounds it. Fortunately, more and more dentists are abandoning amalgam fillings in favor of tooth-colored ones. On this page, you will learn more about this restorative treatment and how it may be able to keep your teeth as healthy, strong, and beautiful as possible.


What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Close-up of tooth with filling on chewing surface

Tooth-colored fillings are often referred to by the material that composes them — a type of composite resin. The resin is a mixture of glass particles, plastic, and other oral health-friendly ingredients. Together, they form a flexible material that your dentist can easily shade-match to blend in well with the color of the surrounding dentition. The resin is the same material that we use during cosmetic dental bonding procedures.

How Do Tooth-Colored Fillings Work?

Happy female dental patient after receiving tooth-colored fillings

The treatment process for placing a tooth-colored filling is fairly quick and simple. To begin, we will likely numb the tooth so you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, we prepare the tooth to receive the filling by removing the decayed tissue from within it. Then, we insert the composite resin. A special curing light hardens the reason in a matter of seconds. Lastly, we adjust the filling’s shape to ensure that it will not interfere with your bite.

Do I Need a Tooth-Colored Filling?

Dentist and patient discussing need for tooth-colored filling

You may need a tooth-colored filling if any of the following are true:

If you believe that you need a filling, schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Unnecessarily postponing treatment will give the cavity a chance to worsen. In fact, if you delay too long, a filling may no longer be an adequate means of addressing the decay; you might end up requiring a more complex procedure.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Woman looking in mirror, enjoying benefits of tooth-colored fillings

Of course, the aesthetic appeal of tooth-colored fillings is one of their foremost advantages. They are virtually invisible to onlookers. However, they come with many additional benefits, including:

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