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Preventive Dentistry – Woodbridge, CT

Conservative Care for Long-Lasting Oral Health

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While other dental offices simply “drill and fill” at the slightest sign of a dental problem, the team at New Haven Dental Group aims to prevent those problems from occurring in the first place. Thanks to our excellent hygiene team and dentists, our patients are able to avoid most dental problems year after year so they can spend less time in our dental office and more time enjoying the benefits of healthy teeth and gums. To schedule your next appointment for preventive dentistry in Woodbridge, CT, contact us today.

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

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Comprehensive checkups and cleanings are essential for maintaining oral health. We go a step beyond your average dental office with these routine services. In addition to examining your teeth and gums, we will also look at your jaw joint (TMJ) and take X-rays and intraoral images so that we are able to catch decay and damage as early as possible. Our experienced hygiene team will also give you a thorough cleaning that removes harmful plaque and tartar.

Dental Sealants

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The molars and premolars at the back of your mouth, with their wide and grooved surfaces, are extra susceptible to cavities because they can be difficult to clean. Fortunately, we can protect these teeth with dental sealants. We simply apply a clear coating to the enamel on the teeth’s chewing surfaces, and it hardens into an invisible barrier that prevents bacteria and food particles from harming the teeth. Dental sealants are particularly beneficial for children.

Nightguards for Bruxism

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Bruxism is a common problem that causes many individuals to grind their teeth while they sleep. This unconscious habit can quickly wear down the enamel and even cause the teeth to break. It may also play a part in TMJ disorder. A custom nightguard provides a simple and effective solution. This oral appliance places a barrier between the teeth, thus preventing the damage that occurs due to nighttime grinding.

Mouthguards / Sportsguards

Sports mouthguards

No matter an athlete’s age or level of play, they should always wear a mouthguard when they participate in sports. This is true whether the game is a contact sport or not. Since the generic mouthguards from a sporting goods store are not optimally effective or comfortable, we recommend that you visit us to receive a custom one. Our sportsguards are shaped to fit snugly around an athlete’s unique teeth, leading to a more comfortable fit and a high level of protection.

Oral Cancer Screenings

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Oral cancer is a serious, potentially deadly disease that is also very easy to miss when it is in its early stages. That is why we perform a thorough oral cancer screening out every regular checkup. Our team’s trained eyes will look for any abnormalities, such as strange growths or discoloration, that could point to oral cancer. If we spot any suspicious areas, we can make sure a patient is able to get the care they need as quickly as possible.

Fluoride Treatments

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Fluoride is a special mineral that instantly strengthens tooth enamel and makes it more resistant to cavities. It also plays a role in helping children’s teeth develop normally. Many toothpastes and municipal water supplies contain fluoride. In addition to using fluoridated products at home, you may also benefit from a topical fluoride treatment that we can provide every time you come to see us.

Children’s Dentistry

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Our dental office is over 40 years old, which means many patients who began to see us when they were children are now bringing their own little ones to us. We enjoy serving the next generation; our team has experience working with children of all ages. Regular exams and cleanings will help protect your child from dental problems and provide them with valuable education. Our friendly team will do all we can to make sure your young ones have a positive experience in our dental office.

Periodontal Therapy

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While the teeth can develop cavities if they do not receive proper care, the gums can develop an infection called periodontal (gum) disease. This can lead to serious problems for someone’s oral and overall health. At New Haven Dental group, we use frequent gum screenings, deep cleanings, and targeted antibiotics to help our patients fight periodontal disease, prevent the complications that it can cause, and protect their overall well-being.

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